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The Hornet Hive Podcast

Mar 16, 2023

Today on the Hornet Hive Podcast we are continuing to introduce you to some of the amazing staff that makes our district as amazing as it is. Today we bring you Kelly Campbell, Deputy Superintendent and Principal of Explorer Elementary for the Williamston Community Schools.

Mrs. Kelly Campbell began her career with Williamston Community Schools in 1991. She spent seventeen years as fourth and fifth grade teacher before joining the faculty of the middle school where she taught English Language Arts as well as literacy interventions. In addition, Mrs. Campbell has worked as an MTSS coordinator at both the building and district level. All of these experiences fueled her interest in supporting students, teachers and families in an expanded leadership capacity. She was delighted to return to Explorer in 2015 to serve as Principal. Mrs. Campbell was appointed Deputy Superintendent by the Board of Education in 2020.

In addition to completing the Professional Preparation Program for School Leadership and Administration through Lamar University, Mrs. Campbell holds a master’s degree in Literacy and a bachelor’s degree in education, both from Michigan State University.

Mrs. Campbell has a daughter named Grace.